Pug Appearance: The Pug has a stocky, short, muscular and square body with a soft and sleek coat. The hair color is usually fawn, silver, black or apricot. The Pug has a black squashed in looking face with large dark eyes and thin, small ears that fold over. Pugs have a short back and strong straight legs. Their tail usually has a tight curl, but if they have a double curl then you have the most prized Pug on the planet.

Pug Temperament: The Pug is not only cute, but also a very friendly and happy little dog. They are very easy to love and do very well with children. On the flip side, sometimes the Pug can become jealous, show off or be stubborn, but these playful little dogs are smart, loyal and willing to please – so the Pug’s positive qualities far outweigh the negative. The Pug also has the amazing ability to not bark that much yet be a good watchdog at the same time. Now, look deeply into their big bulging eyes…even having a poker face looking at you right now, how can you resist getting one?

Pug Health: The Pug has a weight range from 13 to 20 pounds and a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Because the Pug has a short muzzle and wrinkles on its face they tend to have breating problems and skin problems. Proper grooming of your Pug (especially on the face) can help prevent skin problems. Their big eyes can sometimes bring problems such as PRA, keratites, and scratches on the cornea. They can gain weight pretty easily, so don’t overfeed them and make sure they get plenty of exercise. They are sensitive to hot and cold weather, so be sure to limit their exposure when it’s yucky outside.

History of the Pug: The Pug is an ancient dog breed and is believed to have originated in Asia as far back as 400 BC. This is still debatable as some believe the Pug came from Dutch traders coming from the East. Some theorize that the Pug came from the Pekingese – others the result of a cross breed with a bulldog. The name Pug comes from the latin word meaning “clenched fist”. The Pug has a remarkable history that includes being bred to adorn the laps of Chinese emperors to being bred by Queen Victoria in the ninteenth century.

Pug Breed Group: Companion, Toy, Mastiff

Video: Here’s a funny video of a Pug stealing food. Clever dog!


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