Man vs. Wild: Fake?


I just found this video which supposably proves that Discovery’s TV show, Man vs. Wild is fake.  Volcanochaser says “The phony bear faked it in Kilauea Volcano also. He taped most of the show a few hundred feet from the highway. Most of the scenes in the show don’t exist in the area he was supposed to be in: avocado trees, lava tube, tropical forest are all in different parts of the island. I have hiked this area hundreds of times. I can understand how people who have not been to the area may think it’s legitimate, but I was surprised how easy it was to dupe the Discovery Channel. It would be suicidal to follow the advice given by this show.

Ok, so perhaps Bear Grylls and Man vs. Wild is phony.  WHO CARES?  First, the show is HIGHLY ENTERTAINING… second, Bear Grylls is very cool, entertaining and could more than likely kick volcanochaser’s ass anytime, anywhere.  Third, at least the show does give you some tips and techniques to help you out in case you ever do get stuck in a survival situation.

And enough about Survivorman and how he tapes everything himself..yadda yadda.  Who cares?  Survivorman isn’t nearly as entertaining… and is pretty much boring.  So to all of you out there wanting to crucify Bear Grylls and the Discovery Channel, please… get a life!  Long live Bear Grylls!  Woo hoooo!  :)