Canon PowerShot TX1 Digital Camera Review


Chris Pirillo reviews the Canon PowerShot TX1 digital camera which are replacing his other two digital cameras (Canon PowerShot S2 IS and Canon SD700 IS).  The Canon PowerShot TX1 is a hybrid digital camera and camcorder with 7.1 resolution and shoots HD video in 720p with stereo sound.

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The TX1 has a nice 1.8” swivel and lens with 10x OPTICAL zoom and supermacro for extreme close-ups.  Chris says he is very happy with the image quality…I think his dog Pixie agrees.

On the down side, there is a problem with red eye on this camera as the flash is too close to the lens.  This can be fixed by you with your favorite image editing software – but if you don’t like to take the time to do that you might be a little annoyed.  Also the power button is a little hard to find, the camera needs to be used with a camera strap and the controls are a bit awkward.

Overall the pros outweigh the cons with the Canon PowerShot TX1 and its HD video, 7.1 megapixel resolution, stereo sound and more.  In the end, Chris gives this digital camera a “B” and thinks they will do better with the TX2 – but, the PowerShot TX1 is a keeper!  This camera currently sells for around $480.

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