South Korea – A Different Approach

I have loved my time working and traveling in South Korea. However, it is often the simple lifestyle differences that I find to be the most interesting. Different approached to life provide you with a different look at how life can be lived. In this case it was something that I stumbled upon by accident. A friend had come over to visit and we were walking into town, when we noticed there was what seemed to be a large concert setup in the car park of our local gym (badminton).


Anyways, being curious we stopped to ask what was happening. The setup was a large stages, lazer lights, chairs and music pumping away. There was an energetic feel, but also a family activity feel. So, we asked someone what the deal was. It turned out that this was a the annual end of year graduation party for elementary students.


I thought to myself that this was a great idea. In the UK we only celebrate university. However, passing up the educational system is important and means a big change is ahead. So, I actually liked the fact that in South Korea they celebrate every academic accomplishment, even if the children are still too your to fully understand this important time, they will probably remember the events.

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