A Quick Low-Down on Palm Springs

Palm springs is a place in the state of California, which can be considered as a desert paradise. Yes, it might sound contradictory since, when has one ever thought of a hot, dry desert as heaven, right? Well for one, most people with high allergies to pollen and have asthmatic tendencies have packed up their belongings and migrated to this almost pollen free city! Plus, if you have an aversion to cold and wet, this area in California boasts of its 350 days of pure sun and fun.

Nowadays, most people know Palm Springs as a really great resort to get away from the hustle bustle or just the cold areas in the country. In fact, this location has become one of the most famous spots for students to hold their Spring Break parties! The city now has around 130 hotels and resorts with a lot more bed and breakfast inns for people to stay in and enjoy more than a hundred restaurants and dining spots.

Palm springs hotels also offer more than just basking by huge hotel pools and partying. The place is a good choice if you want to go hiking or camping in the mountains. Mount San Jacinto State Park is one of the most popular hiking spots in this city. The park boasts of wilderness trails, which provides challenging and adventure filled hikes beyond Long Valley. You have to acquire a permit at the Ranger Station and also, be aware of the current conditions in the park for safety reasons.

There are a couple of museums and parks as well for you to explore Palm Springs’ heritage and rich Cahuilla Indians heritage. Also, it is a good place to go celebrity sight-seeing. There are a lot of movie stars and important people who have come to love the hot and sunny weather of this city. Most celebrities have built homes away from home in the areas like The Mesa, Warm Sands and the Historic Tennis Neighborhood.

The city is also known for its festivals like the Palm Springs Film Noir Festival, which play homage to Arthur Lyons (who is responsible for movies like Pulp Fiction) films wherein they show his film interpretations in Camelot Theaters. The Fabulous Follies is also a world-famous celebration of music, dance and comedies set back in the early 30’s and 40’s. This almost Broadway caliber celebration showcases actors and actresses who might be old enough to have lived in these eras! People who have gone and seen the show would attest to the fact that it is able to provide world-class entertainment.

So, whether you plan on visiting Palm Springs to get a good summer or spring break or even if you plan on living in its 350 days of sun, it is better that you read about what you can actually do and find in this city. Also, do check the travel requirements and other specific details that can make your stay pleasant and worth the trip to this desert paradise.

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