5 Fantastic Bejing Night Clubs

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When visiting Beijing , there are so many beautiful sights to see, it can be a bit overwhelming. Of course there is the famous Great Wall of China which is a must-see for all tourists. Other popular landmarks include the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace. All of these tourist attractions are great daytime activities, but what about the Beijing nightlife? As it turns out, this city has some of the most famous night clubs in the world. With flights to China getting cheaper and quicker all the time this is a perfect time to visit this amazing countryFive of Beijing’s most unique and popular clubs are as follows:


Because of its grand appearance and also upscale style, the Angel Club is frequently visited by famous models and movie stars. The newly remodeled 12,000 square foot facility is extravagantly decorated with a modern urban design. It features state of the art video, lighting, and DJ booth. The patrons can choose to be served at the large bar or at one of the ten service stations. In 2005, this club was named the “hottest party in Beijing.”


This club has a motto which states “Tango is a life-style.” Tango is proud to provide a culture which brings relaxation, good taste, and high quality to all of its customers. For VIP guests, the Tango has a private room known as the Mango room. Here, the guests will receive top- notch service without the distraction of other patrons. The staff here are all impeccably dressed in black and white.


Club China Doll is known for being the best electro music club in Beijing. The club is owned by well- respected musicians. This assures that all of the DJs and musical acts are top of the line. The drinks are prepared by Beijing’s best bartenders, and served in beautiful decorative glasses.


This club is said to be the hottest nightclub in Beijing. The patrons here will enjoy a relaxed and inviting atmosphere while being served by the most attentive staff. People come from miles around to try the unique cocktails and listen to the wide range of musical acts that perform at this club.


For those who are interested in listening to the newest released music dance tracks while checking out Beijing’s latest fashion trends, the Banana Club & Spicy is the place to be. This club successfully uses a combination of world trend disco music and Chinese local expression to lure in patrons. It has a prime location of the heart of the Beijing district.

Although it is a little known fact, Beijing does have a nightlife that can be compared to few others. Those who like to let down their hair and dance the night away should not miss the Beijing nightlife.


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5 Fantastic Bejing Night Clubs
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