Why We Need Translation Agencies

As the world is becoming more and more interconnected, the demand for effective communication is increasing rapidly. The internet has led to a time where countries are no longer separate entities. Whether you look at the news, information, products or currency itself, the age of the internet has made it easier for all of these things to cross borders. For business, friendships and travel, the internet has created a huge demand for accurate communication between different languages.


As far as online translations and apps go, there have been some huge expansions in this area. Google itself launched their own translation service which is tweaked by the community of web users. This is actually getting quite good now, but unfortunately relies on the knowledge of its users and also on complicated programming. As of yet, they have not managed to produce a computer that can effectively think for itself, hence there are still many large and sometimes obvious errors made by this kind of software. A human that knows both languages can easily spot these errors, but for someone relying on the robotic translation systems, these errors can often cause embarrassing or problematic communication issues. Subtleties in culture are also not considered with programs. Hence, where as it may be OK to say something one way in one culture, it often isn’t in some other cultures.


This is why we still need human translators and translation agencies. People that can understand what is being communicated and translating it into the best possible use of language for the other side to understand and enjoy reading/hearing. These people consider all issues, not just grammatical errors. They know how to be polite, how to approach subjects and often how to best phrase what you want to communicate.


Translation agencies are still needed by businesses and individuals around the globe. This is an area that is unlikely to be replaced by machines for a very long time. Communicating in a language is never simple and it takes a deeper understanding of the whole picture, in order to be able to translate a message/meaning accurately. Just translating words DOES NOT WORK, you need the meaning to be translated too!


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