Money Making Workout Program

Thinking of trying a super simple technique for raising moola.  Start with a small goal like $100.  Then set a goal to make an extra $100 in one week.  Keep doing this and increase the amount of money and eventually do it over a monthly time frame or something….

So it would sorta be like lifting weights.  Keep increasing the weights (money goal) and you get stronger (richer).

And after awhile you’d have a sort of swiss army knife of techniques to make money… and might find a good niche eventually?

I’m gonna give it a shot and see what happens.  So I’m officially starting this today, August 22, 2011 at 2:33 P.M.  So, I need to make an extra $100 by next week August 29, 2011 at the same time.  There are no rules… except to make $100 extra any way possible.

Update… just found this interesting article: 25 (Unusual) Ways to Make Quick Money

Update!  I just made my first $1.00.  I logged into and did a few BS jobs.  It’s really kind of a slimy place though.  Whether I see the money is another story.  I’m going to count it towards my $100 goal though.  LOL.  Only $99 to go.

Update!  Ok, I’m going to retract my above statement.  I’m back to $100.  Microworkers sucks big time.  They don’t pay out via PayPal and use a couple of shady payment services… which means you will likely never get paid.  Also, there’s a minimum payment threshold you have to reach before you get paid.  It’s likely you will get burnt out before you reach that level … so basically you are then slaving away for nothing.  Don’t waste your time with

So I’m doing an experiment with eBay – basically selling something that I can buy on another site (that I think is underpriced).  Many times people will buy stuff on eBay without researching to see if there’s a better deal out there.  I know this for a fact as I’ve sold a bunch of stuff this way.  Maybe this is the ticket?  Sell stuff I don’t have… and/or sell stuff other people sell (cheaply) and be the middle man and take a piece of the action.  I won’t give away this niche … but maybe I will if it fails.  So my eBay listing is supposed to cost 80 cents, so now I’ve got $100.80 to go to reach my goal.

Making money is a bitch in this sucky economy!

Update… so far my brilliant eBay auction is a total flop.  60 something views and not a bite.  Man people are cheap these days.  Maybe because everyone is broke?

Well anyway I’m going to do some research on how to find hot selling items to sell on eBay.  Found this article which has a few good pointers: Top 10 Sites to Find The Hot Selling Items on eBay.

Update... still nothing.  Another shitty day on the Internet.  There’s simply too much noise out there… everyone’s talking but nobody’s listening.  I have another random idea in my head to get web traffic.  A sort of link bait idea I’ll give a try.

One thing’s for sure it’s nearly impossible to start any kind of business when you have a baby.  There’s simply no damn time to do anything.

I hope some asshole buys what I put up on eBay.

Update… Ok, I’m starting to think I shot too high with my $100 in one week goal.  LOL.  I think it would be better to start with a really small goal.  $5, $10 or $25 and build from there.  My main problem is I can’t get shit done in the day because I have to watch da baby.  Another problem is it seems everything in the world is over saturated and everyone is too cheap to buy shit.

But, I’m going to keep trying.  I think I will make a little motivating sign or something to help me out with my goal.  Something that says I will make an extra $100 by August 29, 2011.  Read it once in the morning, and once at night before bed.  This is an old Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill trick.

I also need to start a list of SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES / ideas, etc. I can use to make money.  Something I can refer to any time I need to make money.  This has given me another idea I may work on in the near future….

Update… (9/10/11) – Well, that was a massive failure!  Man I’m depressed and feel screwed as ever.  Feels like the Internet is simply over saturated.  Too many people trying to make money… and everything is saturated.

I did have one tiny piece of luck though.  I made $5 (which I’ll probably never see) from  I got a creepy ass clown and made a video for someone.  It’s a pretty cool site and great concept.  But, at $5 a pop I can’t imagine anyone is making a living off the site.  You need a great idea and/or you need to be talented as a mo-fo.

So now I’m thinking about focusing on affiliate marketing for a little while and see if I can make some money.  Affiliate marketing is SUPER over saturated, but perhaps with some clever tactics I can squeeze 50 cents or so out of the Internet.  Should I buy a separate domain and document my progress?  Hmm.. maybe.  Let me think about it for awhile…