How to Create a Channel for Roku Players

In this post, you will learn how you can create a channel for people that have Roku streaming video players all around the world. This post will show you how to create a private Roku channel as well as a channel that can be seen in the Roku Channel Store.

Ok, so the first place you will want to go is the Roku Developer section of the Roku web site. You will need to create an account (free) to log into the developer site. Once you are there, you can download the Roku SDK and Adobe templates, manage/add your channels, talk to other people in the developer forum and more.

Here is a 10 step method to creating your first Roku channel.  You can create private channels, public channels or pay channels.  After you sign up and download the SDK, download and study this developer guide.

I’ll be back soon to show you the next steps…. :)