Have You Used a Windows System Cleaner Recently?

Windows has a habbit of gathering lots of unwanted files, cookies, registry entries and many other issues. Many people use a registry cleaner, a privacy cleaner and a junk file cleaner. However, I just came across an amazing free program that will do all of this for you!


This is completely FREE and even better than that, this program backs up the data before cleaning. Hence, if any unwanted problems occur, you can always restore the files. If all is OK, then you just delete the backups (single files, instead of thousands) when you clean in the future. Not only that, but if you are lazy about maintaining your computer, then you may also like to turn on its automatic cleaning feature, where it will clean while the computer sits unused.


What is this program called? Well, it is “Comodo System Utilities“. I hope that you find this useful, if you do, please leave a comment.