A Layman’s Understanding of Voice and Data Services for Business

Voice and data services are technical words that are synonymous with technology. For those familiar with technology, these words may sound familiar. But for ordinary businessmen, voice and data services sound as foreign as the languages in the next continent. But the fact is small businessmen need these business telecom solutions in running his or her business. The following attempts to define these business telecom solutions in a manner that is understandable to the majority of the business population.

To start with, let us define data service.  Data service is a type of service provided by business telecom solutions providers, allowing data to be sent or transmitted at a high speed.  The internet is actually the most common type of data service. Moreover, data services are provided by telephone, cable and mobile phone companies. We may not be aware of this but short messaging system, popularly known as text messaging, is actually a data service via a cellular phone service.

On the other hand, voice services are voice applications done via the internet. An example of this service are phone calls made via the internet. Examples of business transactions that can be made via voice services are:

  • Placing orders
  • Payment of products and services
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer support via voice chats
  • Establishment of hotlines

For business owners, the main benefit of voice services is saving on cost. Business owners with operations located in different places, or those who are doing business with partners across the globe will immensely benefit from this business telecom solution.

And because of cheaper call costs, customer servicing can be enhanced through actual conversations between the client and the customer support crew. If live calls are not encouraged, clients can leave their concerns via phone recordings, to be routed to the appropriate support unit of the business.

If we look at it, voice and data services are in fact necessities for the business to grow. These business telecom solutions are actually the electronic counterparts of business operations that were used for the longest time. For example, data services primary used for file transfer is the modern day version of courier services while voice services are the updated version of long distance and cellular business telecom solutions. However, the great difference between the traditional practices and the voice and data services are the efficiency and cost efficient way of doing business offered by the more modern option.

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