Health Benefits of Drinking Coconut Oil

  There are some pretty crazy concoctions out there which claim they can carry out all manners of magic on your system, however, this isn’t one of those ‘crazy’ solutions. Instead, all you need to do is drink good old coconut oil. Let’s take a little look at this. The first thing you are probably[…]

One Hundred Push Ups Challenge: Week 2 Finished?

I have finished week two of the One Hundred Push Ups program and kind of struggled this week.  I screwed up and didn’t do my push ups on schedule, but… I did technically finish week 2.  I was in the second column as I was in week 1, and in the end did 46 total[…]

One Hundred Push Up Challenge: Initial Test

I just heard about an interesting fitness challenge while listening to The Daily Breakfast podcast by Fr. Roderick.  It is a six week exercise program called One Hundred Push Ups and challenges you to do do 100 consecutive push ups.  When you first start off, you do an initial test to see what level you’re[…]

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