Cybersecurity firm IDs new Apple-targeting malware

Pic: AP. Security software provider Palo Alto Networks says it has discovered a new form of malware that may have affected hundreds of thousands of Apple mobile device users, largely in China. The company is calling the malware WireLurker and says it monitors devices connected by a USB cable to[…]

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USB Mix Tape

This is one of the coolest USB gadgets I’ve seen in awhile. Are you old enough to remember making mix takes for your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend? Perhaps you made a mix CD but can grasp the concept of a cassette tape. Well, the USB Mix Tape is basically a USB drive which fits nicely in[…]

USB Gadgets and Toys at USB Geek

USB Geek sells USB Gadgets and toys to make life with your computer a little more entertaining. Liven up your office cubical with one of the many working gadgets they have such as a mini USB refrigerator that can cool off a drink, a USB missile launcher that you can use to shoot missiles at[…]