Turn Your Hobby into a Book

Is there an aspect of your favorite hobby that you could write about?  One great thing about writing about your hobbies is it is easy to find and reach the market through magazines, mailing lists, etc.  If you’re new to a hobby and are learning about it, this could be a good opportunity to write[…]

New and Used Metal Detectors For Sale

If you would like to get started with the hobby of treasure hunting with a metal detector, now is the time to do so as warm weather is not too far away. At MetalDetectorForSale.com you can buy new and used brand name metal detectors from companies including Garrett, White’s Electronics and more. You can also[…]

Metal Detectors from White's Electronics

White’s Electronics has a complete line of metal detectors for finding buried treasure and they have something for you whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional. Their most affordable metal detector sells for $199.95 which is perfect for starting out. Or, you might want to get one of their high end models that can[…]

Garrett Metal Detectors, Gold Pans and Treasure Hunting Supplies

Garrett Metal Detectors has been selling top of the line metal detectors and treasure hunting supplies since 1964 and I can personally say they are highly recommended if you are interested in getting into the hobby of treasure hunting or need one for professional applications.  They have metal detectors for beginner and advanced treasure hunters. […]