Learn To Paint And Draw

Learning to paint and draw can seem like a mammoth task. Great artists are born that way, right? In reality, very few people are born with a natural talent for creating great drawing and paint works. Through practice, dedication and inspiration, your drawing skills can be molded and advanced, leading you to create work that[…]

10 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

10 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day – by Kerri Wood Thomson There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the old standard of dinner and a movie. If you’re busy, its a week night, you can’t find a babysitter, or you’re just plain broke, the idea of any celebration sounds good. But if you’ve got the time and[…]


The number of pet owners in the U.S. alone is staggeringly high.  To give you an example, there are approximately 65 million dog owners, 77.6 million cat owners.  32 million dog owners purchase Christmas gifts for their dogs and 39 million cats receive a gift on Christmas as well!  Of course, there are many other[…]