The fire and fun of November 5th

Celebrate the Fifth of November with Bonfire and Fireworks

Every November the fifth, we begin to see plenty of pictures of a man with a flowing beard and a somewhat pointed hat, and the name Guy Fawkes everywhere in the UK and some of Australia. We recall what happened in England on that day in England—what is called the Gunpowder Plot—in 1605. For a[…]

Facebook Interactive Online Experiences

Tired of the same old liking, sharing, tagging and commenting on Facebook? The viral web sites below offer unique and interactive experience with your Facebook profile.  Many will take your photos, status updates, friends and other information and seemlessly weave them into an existing video to tell a story…. with you as a character. Here[…]

Catalonia Riviera Maya Hotel

We arrived at the Catalonia Riviera Maya Hotel I believe around 9 p.m. or sometime in early evening. After all of the traveling, fun at the airport and the approximate one hour ride from the airport…we were finally ready to relax. As soon as we got there a very helpful and friendly staff assisted us[…]