‘Duang!’ Chinese poke fun at Jackie Chan with nonsense word

Jackie Chan. Pic: AP. BEIJING (AP) — “Duang!” That’s movie star Jackie Chan’s latest contribution to Chinese mass culture and entertainment. It’s not a word, but a sound he made in an old TV commercial meaning something like “ta-da!” A new mash-up video of the old ad has made “duang”[…]

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How to Make Sure that You Have Good Christmas Treasure Hunt Clues

OK, I know that this is a little early, but with writing online, it never hurts to get in early. Hence, here are some tips for Christmas this year lol: When there are Christmas parties that pop up everywhere during the Christmas season, it can be a challenge to have something that will stand out[…]

Boom Goes the Dynamite

[youtube]W45DRy7M1no”[/youtube] Check out this funny outtake from a Ball State University campus TV newscast.  It features Brian Collins giving the worst sports highlight rundown in history!  The ironic thing is that I bet you anything he gets some kind of deal and will be making a fortune doing commercials for somebody soon…. just wait and[…]