AXIS 232D+ Network Dome Camera – Srinagarind Dam

This is a live streaming Axis 232D+ Network Dome Camera coming to you directly from Srinagarind Dam, River Kwai, Thailand. This is quite a scenic area and the camera is able to rotate, which gives you a full 360 degree perspective. Although this type of camera can normally be controlled, this particular one seems to[…]

AXIS 2400 Video Server

Here you can find live AXIS 2400 Video Server web cams, many of which you can remotely control from your computer.  Pan, tilt and zoom in and out to your heart’s content.  Here are a few that I’ve found: University of Michigan – Two cams to choose from in an engineering environment of some kind. […]

Live View – AXIS 213 PTZ Network Camera – Construction Webcam at UC Davis

This webcam comes to you from UC Davis in California and gives you a live view of the Physical Sciences Expansion construction project.  This is an AXIS 213 PTZ network camera and has excellent streaming video as well as remote control so you can pan, tilt and zoom with a very quick response.  Watch construction[…]