Purple Squirrel

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We may never know what made the purple squirrel of Jersey Shore purple, but experts don’t doubt that it really was a squirrel of a different color. “It’s not typical, but it’s not impossible,” said Harold Cole, a warden with the Pennsylvania Game Commission who investigated the…

ME: Hey, I saw a news story today about a purple squirrel? CASSANDRA: Yeah, that purple squirrel makes headlines.

I’m really thinking this purple squirrel story has not gotten the attention it deserves in the mainstream media. I suspect conspiracy.

I never saw a purple squirrel, I never thought I’d see one; But I can tell you any…er… oh, forget it

WHAT???? A purple coloured squirrel!

The purple squirrel story has reached our neck of the woods – saw the story on ABC 27….

Sometimes just sitting in my room listening to my mom and my sister’s conversation is highly entertaining. My sister has been grounded from Facebook for two months. My mom: Hey Maggie… did you see the purple squirrel on Facebook!?!? My sister: Gee.. I wish I could! My mom: No.. I’m serious.. did you see the purple squirrel?

True Story: some people in Pennsylvania caught a purple squirrel. In related news, Kentuckians very excited to know that squirrels now come in grape!

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