Is Hubpages a scam? Is Hubpages legit? These are the questions that I keep seeing floating around the internet. However, the answer is not clear, as it depends on exactly what you expect from the web and also why you are considering applying for a Hubpages account. Often it is something connected with Adsense Hubpages earnings, but twisted up with unreasonable expectations.

Most that are new to learning online will often expect an easy income, instant rewards and a new way of living. Seriously!? When in life has earning money ever been easy? OK, there are a few that will get lucky, but for most of us it takes passion, persistence and a lot of time.

This is the case for Hubpages. It is not a site for spammers and internet marketer, unless one or two links is all that you are looking for within one ghostly post of original text. Instead, this is a community of writers that love to share their thoughts and knowledge. You can get answers, support and unbelievable encouragement. On, you can earn an income too. This is via the Hubpages Ads program and adsense normally, but people also make money with eBay and Amazon too.

However, if you are looking to earn, please remember that it takes TIME! An article normally takes six months, or even up to one year, to mature on the internet. This means to reach its traffic potential, it is likely to have to site online for a while. This also means that you are unlikely to earn large amounts until after writing on Hubpages, or other sites for this amount of time. That said, once this time passes, it is quite possible to get monthly passive earnings from all those posted articles long term.

So, if you are now considering Hubpages for the right reasons, you can find their sign up page by clicking -> … it may just turn into your passion, or even grow into being your monthly income!

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    • Hi, plagiarism is always a problem when you write online. However, thankfully Hubpages ranks very highly and Google recognizes the original content as being superior now … often penalizing, or banning, websites that scrape and copy their content … credit where it is due at last! lol

  • If you have a passion about something, you want to share it. And your friends and family may be sick and tired of hearing about your passion, especially if they do not share it. So, why not share it with others who will appreciate your knowledge and insight? gives people a chance to do just that, and the potential to earn extra income too. allows regular people to write about their passions, share them, promote them, and post related advertising that generates potential income for the writer. There are a variety of categories to write in, with a number of topics within them. This platform allows anyone to get the word out about what they know, promote themselves and other businesses along the way, and make money from the comfort of their home.

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