How to Get 8000 Followers on Twitter in One Day

If you’re like most people on Twitter, you only have a few people following your every move.  You long for the day when you have thousands of followers like Leo Laporte, Jason Calacanis, Scobelizer, Chris Pirillo, Michael Arrington and other A-Listers on the web.  How can you achieve this if you don’t have a fan base that you’ve been building since 1994?

Simple.  You just log in to your Twitter account and hit the accept all link for the 15,619 follow requests waiting for you.  At least that’s all I had to do today.  I logged in and saw thousands of anxious people waiting to see links to funny videos or read whatever brilliant thoughts I might be able to fit into 144 characters.

After clicking on the link, it took me to a page where I could accept requests that other Twitterers placed to follow me.  I could accept them one by one or take the easy way out and click “accept all”.  The second option seemed best.  :)

Within a few minutes my status went from LOSER (around 5 followers) to WINNER with nearly 8,000 followers!

I have to admit, it was exciting as hell.  I decided to post a link to a contest I’m currently running just to see what happened.  Traffic started flowing to my site almost immediately.  Some people entered, and one person told me where I could go.

What do I do?  Keep promoting my stuff like the cool people do or “come clean” about what happened.  After a bit of thinking, I decided the best thing to do is let everyone know the truth about how I became so popular in such a short time.  And the truth is that I clicked a link on my Twitter account to accept all friend requests.  Am I going to hell?  Or should I have taken the Ned Flanders route?

Many people don’t seem to mind and have actually been helpful with a crowdsourcing test I did.  It must be awesome to have this kind of power on a daily basis.  I now have MORE followers than Adam Curry, CNN and even Hillary Clinton!

I really don’t know how this happened, but obviously there’s some kind of bug in Twitter‘s system.  If anyone that works at Twitter would like a detailed analysis of what happened, feel free to drop me a line and perhaps it will be easier to track down the bug.  Has anyone else experienced this before?

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to tell you this story… but it will make me feel even fuzzier if my followers stay with me.  I promise I will try to be almost as interesting as @THErealDVORAK.

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