How to Find Popular Web Sites

Ok, I’ve about had it with the Internet.  I feel like I’m beating a dead horse.  If anyone tries to tell you it’s easy to make money online, they are lying.  Especially if they are trying to sell you an eBook for $97.00.  By the way, think about it… how do they come up with the price of $97.00 for an eBook?!  What a rip-off!

Anyway, I’m going to take a few days and take a break from slaving away on web sites and try to come up with a list of resources to help myself and others find popular web sites.  More than likely – if you want to make money online you will want to make a site that is like something that already exists.  Or… put a new twist on an existing site.  Find stuff wrong with it and make improvements.  The new, improved site can be the one YOU build to put the popular one out of business.

Then…. you get to live on the beach!

Well, maybe not.  But anyway here are some techniques on how to find popular web sites that you can clone or borrow ideas from.  Ideas are in no particular order.

Alexa Top Sites – This is a great place to start.  See the top 500 global sites or narrow down by country or category.  This is a great way to find popular sites you may have never heard of before.  Search for topics and when you find a site that looks interesting try going to “related links” to see similar sites.

StumbleUpon – An awesome toolbar you can download.  Click the stumble button and it takes you to a random web site in areas that interest you.

Google Adwords Placement Tool – If you have a Google Adwords account, click on the “Reporting and Tools” menu and select “Placement Tool“.  Then on the left site you can select broad categories and narrow them down to show specific web sites on the main screen.  Sort those sites by impressions per day to get an idea for sites that are doing well.  The impressions aren’t totally accurate, but should give you a ball park idea.  Visit sites you are interested in and see how active the site is.  Has it been updated recently or has it been a few years?  A profitable site will be updated frequently more than likely.  Does it get a lot of comments? – Another awesome site.  Enter in a URL and it will give estimated traffic stats for the site.  You can see competing web sites on the left under “Competitive Rank“.  I just entered a site I found on the previously mentioned Google Adwords Placement Tool and found this cool product… a genius idea if I may say so.  Test drive tattoos before you make them permanent.  Hmm… time to check GoDaddy to see if a similar keyword domain is available 😉

Ok, that’s all my brain can handle for now.  I’ll add more tips soon!

Ok, I’m back.  Here are some more: – A social bookmarking site is making a comeback.  Keep an eye on it for possible popular sites to clone. – I dunno about this site anymore.  It use to be cool and a good source, but questionable now.  I’ll put it on the list anyway.

Twitter Search – Keep an eye out for popular retweeted sites and trends.

Google Trends – Find the latest trending items searched for in Google.

Google Insights for Search – An awesome way to find keywords that are being searched for.   You can narrow down to categories/niches and location.  Great for coming up with ideas for local web sites.

Domain-Daily – Find out what domain names have been registered today or by date.  There’s at least one better site than this out there that is more accurate.  I will try to find it and post it soon.  Oh, here’s another one for now –

Found a couple more gems – Traffic Estimate and Netcraft Top Sites.  Most of these seem to be pretty much the same.  The rankings are different, but should give you an overall ballpark idea.

Oh, here’s another – DoubleClick Ad Planner by Google.  Check out their list of top 1,000 web sites and find similar competing sites when you click on the stats for each site.

October 11, 2011 UPDATE:)

Howdy… ok, found a couple more sites to play around with to see popular web sites.  I forgot about this one.  It’s called The Truth Laid Bear.  Click on different categories on the right and  you can see several thousand web sites sorted by popularity.

I’ve been working on a web site I’m calling Start Frog.  It’s not even close to being finished by you can take a peek if you like.  I’m building a start page for myself, but perhaps one day others will be able to use it, create their own start page, etc.

Here’s another place where you can find popular web sites.  Visit Blog Ads “buy ads” section.  You can then browse by category or search by keyword.  Get a rough idea of traffic and how much that site is making from ads.  If they have a lot of spots filled up and are charging a lot, then you can assume that is a good niche to get into.

Here’s another one – Technorati Top 100 Blogs and many thousands of other blogs in their Blog Directory.