How to Find and Create Blog Post Ideas

So you have a blog.  Now you wonder…. what should I post on my blog?  This post will show you how to find and create blog post ideas that will hopefully bring you plenty of traffic and money.  On top of that we want to find ideas that are fun and exciting for you and not a pain in the neck.

In my opinion, the best subjects to write blog posts about are topics that you are passionate and knowledgeable on.  If you write about things when you are purely motivated by potential traffic or revenue, readers and even search engines will notice and such blog posts simply won’t do as well.

So, here are some tips (in no particular order) to help you find blog post ideas

1 – Start a Blog Post Idea Bank – Use a spiral notebook, text file on your computer, your iPad or other place where you can store all of your blog post ideas.  Having one centralized spot will make it easy for you to turn to when you have a case of writers block.  Browsing through your idea bank will stimulate you and help you come up with even more ideas.  I prefer an old fashioned spiral notebook that I can take anywhere.

2 – Make a List of Your Passions – What are you passionate and excited about?  What hobbies do you love?  What areas do you consider yourself to be an expert in?  When reading nonfiction books and articles, what subjects do you gravitate to the most?  Write a list of interests that excite you the most.  You may want to do this in your Blog Post Idea Bank to use as a starting point.  Once you have a list of general topic areas you can then brainstorm within that subject for specific ideas.  The goal is to go from a very broad subject to a highly targeted niche subject.  An broad example would be “Cooking”.  After brainstorming and narrowing it down, a targeted blog post might read “How to Make Homemade Maple Syrup“.

3. Current Events – Current events can be a great place to come up with blog post ideas.  Whether you’re passionate about the latest gadget from Apple or a heated political debate there will likely be a lot of people searching for information or be interested in your viewpoint.  If your timing is right you could get a lot of traffic from the right kind of article.  The only downside is a lot of other people will be posting about the same thing, so you may find your post gets buried among thousands of other articles.  Like those aholes at Huffington Post, for example.

4.  Solutions to Problems – What problems have you been faced with and have found a solution for?  More than likely other people around the world are going through the same thing and could use some help.  Write an informative article to explain the solution to a problem and you can turn lemons into lemonade.

5 – Write Posts for Online Communities – If you are a member of an online forum or a Facebook group, think about what kind of information those communities might like.  If  you’ve had a new baby recently and are a member of Baby Center, perhaps there are some tips you can give to other parents.  You can also join and browse around forums and look for hot threads that get a lot of replies.  For forums, a good place to start is Big Boards.

There are hundreds of other ways you can come up with ideas for blog posts.  Instead of finishing this post I’m simply going to add to it whenever I feel like it.  While you’re waiting, check out these other articles and web sites to help spark your imagination…

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More blog post idea links and resources coming soon… on the next update!  Stay tuned!