Giving Up Mainstream Media for Lent

Well, it’s Ash Wednesday again and so Lent begins.  Every year I wonder what could I give up for Lent that would make an impact on my life.

Considering how insanely divided the USA is and how much of a news junkie I am, I have decided it might be beneficial to give up the media for Lent.  Like many people, I could easily be classified as a news addict.  Every day I check sites like Yahoo, Drudge Report, Fox News, CNN, Twitter, Facebook, No Agenda, talk radio and a zillion other news sites.

You can’t escape the media.  It’s everywhere.  The main area I need a break from is politics.  I’m fed up with it all and am going to see what happens if I quit consuming the garbage they put out for 40 days.  I think this will be the first time I will have deprived myself from the news for many, many years.

When this experiment is over, I’ll post a follow up and describe how the experience went.  Before I go though… I want to post a round-up of some of the current news events from around the world.  We’ll see how much things have changed when I plug myself back in.

In no particular order… here are some of the hot news stories going on right now.

Democrats trying to smear Republicans for birth control/contraception nonsense

Beating of the war drums – will Israel strike Iran‘s alleged nuclear facilities?  What about the aircraft carriers in the region?  Are we going to go to war with Iran?

Rick Santorum’s comeback as a potential nominee.  How long will this go on, or is it all part of the show?

Why does the media keep ignoring Ron Paul?

The Obummer’s messing with everyone’s food.  Agents checking pre-schoolers lunch boxes and banning “king size” candy bars.  I guess there were no lessons learned from Hitler.

Oh boy!  The stock market is about to make a comeback?  Dow hit 13,000 earlier today.

Talks about how oil is going to go up to $5 a gallon.

Final Republican debate to be held today.

Unemployment at 9%

Afghanistan pissed at burning of Koran

Greece bailed out?  Or more bullshit?

Hillary wears green shirt when she was supposed to wear white at G20

Hugo Chavez dealing with cancer stuff

Santorum talks about Satan

Syria.  Are we gonna mess them up?

Oh yeah, it’s Fat Tuesday!

Alrighty… that’s all for now.  I went to several popular news sites and downloaded complete web pages to create a sort of media time capsule to look at when this is all done.

I predict I will be in a much better mood and not much will have changed by the time the 40 days are up.

My big prediction is that we will start another war with either Syria or Iran.  I could see another U.S.S. Stark or U.S.S. Cole terrorist type attack.  Perhaps something mind blowing like taking out a U.S. aircraft carrier?

I can’t wait to find out…. see you in 40 days!

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