Facebook Interactive Online Experiences

Tired of the same old liking, sharing, tagging and commenting on Facebook?

The viral web sites below offer unique and interactive experience with your Facebook profile.  Many will take your photos, status updates, friends and other information and seemlessly weave them into an existing video to tell a story…. with you as a character.

Here are some that I’ve found so far:

Take This Lollipop – a super creepy, sort of hilarious experience.  SPOILER ALERT: Connect with Facebook and you will see a greasy looking creepy guy with dirty fingernails that seems to be accessing your Facebook account.  He caresses the computer screen and looks through your profile photos.  He even goes to the point of looking up your location on Google Maps!  Once he finds your location he gets in the car and drives to your home to pay you a visit.  The last scene shows the inside of his car with your photo taped to the dashboard.

The creepy guy actor in Take This Lollipop is Bill Oberst Jr. He was in movies such as The Secret Life of Bees and A Haunting in Salem.

Here’s a trailer sneak preview…

Another interactive experience is Intel’s The Museum of Me. Connect with Facebook and it shows your Facebook profile as if in a museum.

I’m on the lookout for similar experiences and will post em as soon as I find them.

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