Webmasters Freaking Over Google Warning Emails!

Many webmasters have recently been a bit freaked out by the Google warning emails. Mostly these are in the line of saying that Google has detected unnatural links to your URL. Google is warning that further action may be taken, but not actually saying that it will happen. In fact, Google algorithms now mainly discount links they consider to be fake or bad … so, why are they sending these emails.


The problem is connected with bad SEO, or black-hat SEO. This can be used to falsely make sites look popular, when in fact they aren##Q##t really. However, it can also be used to attack the competition sites, a new technique being used in an effort to rank well in search engines. Google claims that these emails are to be more open and direct, warning that they have noticed. They may or may not actually penalize a site, it depends on their findings. Also, sometimes these are even caused by URL errors, where a site is .co instead of .com.


The general opinion seems to be that these warnings aren##Q##t really something to worry about, especially if you haven##Q##t performed the black-hat SEO yourself. The links will likely not hurt your site, but will instead be ignored under the new Google updates. However, if you do notice a sudden drop from Google, or change in traffic, then report your site and any additional information that was requested ASAP.

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