Marketers Targeting Russian Speaking Countries Do Better with Yandex

Outside the English-speaking world Google’s dominance is reversed. In China, for instance, Baidu has the search market stitched up and in the Russian-speaking world search is dominated by Yandex and second-fiddle



Until now, Google had a deal with to deliver search results in the latter’s search box that had nothing to do with local search and were, largely outside its index. The announcement by that it will no longer be needing Google for this means that it now feels it has closed the gap, sufficiently, through its own efforts.


Google Loses search deal

This is a blow for Google on two fronts. First, it losses access to end-user queries in a part of the world that it does not have dominance in. In order to understand the complexity of search consider that indexing information and serving it up are two parts of a very complicated game. The former is required in order to have some information to actually work with but the latter is what is frequently used to fine-tune search and create greater relevancy, and relevancy is what actually makes the end-user come back and use the service again.

For Google to lose the contract it’s a really big deal, particularly as both Yandex and have their own webkit-based browsers that work just as well as Chrome and provide not just a search box right from the browser (allowing each company to collect even more useful search-query related information) but also lock Google out from their ecosystem by providing a very robust alternative to Firefox and Chrome.


The upshot is that for anyone marketing to the Russian market an overreliance on Google search results for promotion and visibility is not a good idea. Yandex has to be the primary search engine targeted and needs to also be taken into account.

Foreign-language SEO has always been a bugbear and marketers have frequently relied on Google’s capability to detect the language change and index their content in its regional database. This is now no longer enough. Search, like everything else in the digital marketing age, is undergoing exactly the degree of maturation that marketers have long hoped it would.


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Marketers Targeting Russian Speaking Countries Do Better with Yandex
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