How to do Keyword Research for International Marketing?

Any international marketing drive on the Web starts with identification and tagging of the right keywords, which is a result of intense keyword research. Implementing the best search engine optimization techniques for a transnational group demands expertise and an augmented set of search engine skills. A prominent one among them is recognizing the perfect keywords for your international audience. In order to develop and kick-start a systematic campaign for worldwide marketing, you need to know about the right ways to do keyword research for your international propaganda.

Niche keyword research:

The initial step in keyword research is to prepare an extensive list of niche keywords. ‘Niche’ keywords are the specific set of keywords that are aimed at satisfying your target audience, who are in search of your products/services. Only these keywords will help them identify your business, when they are looking for similar products/ services on the Web. Think simple and think in terms of a layman for various types of keywords your potential users might use. You can make use of any of your historical data, the Google keyword tool, internal search information, PPC facts, analytics data, insight from your competitors, Google Suggest details etc., to generate the keywords list. This comprehensive list will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the important keywords when you are focusing on your international group.

Refine your research for each country:

As a business person, you will certainly have a list of countries to which you have planned to take your business. Undoubtedly, every overseas market is different and the buying behavior, interests, attitudes and needs of your target group will vary for each country. All you can do to attract traffic in a specific country is to refine the master research list of your niche keywords according to the country.

Check spelling variations:

When it comes to ranking your website, search engines also consider the appropriate spellings used for your keywords as per the standards of a particular country. Getting yourself acquainted with differences in spelling gives you the confidence of fulfilling the objectives of international marketing, by accounting for all variations. For your website to appear in the top of the SERPs of a specific country, it is a must that you check spelling variations even if you are using a common language like English.

For example, you are selling helmets and your brand’s name is Century. A customer from UK needs a black helmet. He searches with the keywords ‘Black Colour Century Helmet‘. Your website will appear in the top search engine results page only if you have checked for spelling variations and used the British English spelling of the word (Colour) instead of the American English spelling (Color). This is the kind of impact that a single letter in your keyword can have on your international marketing.

Use a translation providing service:

It is always a great idea to use a translation providing service on your website, preferably on your home page and all the important web pages on your site. This will make things easy for your users and give them the comfort and confidence of being assisted by someone. A reliable translation providing service makes your website a one-stop shop for all your customers across the globe.

Keyword research is a vital element that determines the success of an online business. Understanding how and what people search for is the key to success. Start your keyword research instantly for your international marketing campaign using these tips. To obtain the most suitable results, carry out your research with appropriate local search engines as well.

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Brian Taylor is the VP, Business Development at Forix SEO in Portland, Oregon. Forix specializes in helping small businesses with their internet marketing needs and offers custom SEO services at affordable prices. Connect with me through Linkedin or by Twitter.

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How to do Keyword Research for International Marketing?
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