How Do You Show You Care in Business?

One of the most critical aspects of marketing in business is what I call the Caring Factor. Every business wants to tell its customers that it cares. It cares about them, it cares for them. It wants to make them feel loved and appreciated. And the challenge is: how do you do that, exactly?



You could try and simply tell your customers you do but that has never worked too well in the past and certainly it will not work now. Advertising has serious limitations when it comes to conveying empathy and the harder you try the more alienated your audience becomes. There is of course another way and it has to do with cash engines.

In this Online Marketing Help podcast we look at just how a business can show it cares to its customers. Best-selling SEO and Social Media Marketing author, David Amerland, explains:




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How Do You Show You Care in Business?
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