Google Search Redefined?

Google must be thinking it’s caught up in a timewarp where it’s doomed to go back into the past to fight different versions of the same battle.



The battle started when the now disgraced Rupert Murdoch vowed to block Google from indexing News Corps sites and make the Mountain View pay for its content is now being fought all over again, two years later in Brazil where newspapers have pulled their content out of Google News citing a drop in page views to their own sites as a reason and Australia and Germany where Google is being accused of being a publisher.


Google Faces Legal Issues


At its core is the definition of what is it exactly that search does. If it is deemed to be publishing (and the legal definition of this is not as clear-cut as you or I might think it is) then Google is directly responsible for the content on its search results pages (SERPs) which makes the company liable for providing links to whatever defamatory, inaccurate or otherwise anyone may have written.

In terms of how companies form, develop and grow this is horses for courses. It has, however, a deeper, underlying impact for SEO and the discoverability of any website hoping to use search as part of its marketing strategy.

Obviously this is just salvo one and it’s way too early to draw conclusions. Yet anything that affects the way Google search displays its results is going to have a long-lasting, deep impact on online business.


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Google Search Redefined?
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