Google Search Increases Market Share

The ComScore Figures for the state of search in January 2013 show Google making gains across practically every front.



In the US Google has returned to the record 67% mark of the search market for core searches. Bing has made some gains also, albeit, at the expense of the Yahoo/Bing merger. The ComScore figures are important because they show a number of things marketers need to keep in mind:

1.    Google has increased its market share for core searches. That’s searches carried out directly in Google search as opposed to contextual searches where an image displayed there is actually a link leading to a search result.
2.    The increase in market share from Google comes at a time when search has become more fragmented than ever. It now takes place on mobile (using voice search as well as text) as well as desktop.
3.    The increase in Google search comes at a time when Google controls the mobile search market (95%) and has had a massive drive to create brand equity.

ComScore Results on State of Google Search 2013Search is how we navigate the web. More than that, it is what gives the web shape and creates some kind of order out of the chaos of information overflow. Google’s increase in market share here is not just about functionality. It is about gaining the trust of its user base, with an intimation that more will come.

ComScore Figures on Google core search January 2013

The final takeaway from this is that Google has become the bulls-eye to aim for when it comes to search marketing for your business. It really is, that simple.


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Google Search Increases Market Share
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