Google Plus Communities For Business

As this post is being written we are on the build up to Christmas so it makes sense to have an early Christmas present for digital marketers active in Google Plus, in the form of Community Pages for Google Plussers.

Why is this great news? Well, for casual users of the network, easy as it may be to find interesting content in the stream, after a while it becomes easy enough to miss exactly the content you’re looking for. All it takes is to succumb to temptation and follow a lot of interesting people (in which case the content gets buried), let work, life or the universe interfere (and simply miss the content when posted) or simply get sidetracked.

The work-around to this, for marketers, was to ‘push’ content in people’s streams and activating the Google Plus notification process but even that was a less than perfect solution. For started with changes to the platform being made all the time notifications do, at times, simply go missing. Or, more likely than not, by pushing notifications into the stream of everyone you begin to annoy the very same people who have agreed to follow your posts in the first place.

Of course, nothing ever goes missing in Google Plus that a quick search cannot unearth, but all this takes time, the one commodity we have less of than ever. Google Plus Communities provide the ideal solution for centering specific interests and posts and creating a community within a community effect.

For Facebook users who ever joined a Facebook Group the feeling will be familiar with the additional functionality of Google Plus Hangouts and the flexibility, within the group, for members to do whatever they want in terms of posts: they can add pictures, create events, hold Hangouts and start chats. As a matter of fact if you were wondering just how you would get the whole ball rolling and encourage those who follow your posts and interact with your content, start to engage with each other, this might be just the way to go.

As you’d expect with Google, Communities can be private or public, depending on what you want to do. The thing is that this is too important a tool for your marketing to actually ignore for very long.

Google’s slick video production, below shows what can be done.








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Google Plus Communities For Business
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