One Hundred Push Up Challenge: Initial Test

One Hundred Push Ups Challenge

One Hundred Push Ups Challenge

I just heard about an interesting fitness challenge while listening to The Daily Breakfast podcast by Fr. Roderick.  It is a six week exercise program called One Hundred Push Ups and challenges you to do do 100 consecutive push ups.  When you first start off, you do an initial test to see what level you’re at.  Sad to say, I was only able to do 10 good ones without cheating.  I’m 39, so this put me at rank 2.

Tomorrow I will officially start week one of the six week challenge.  Looking at the chart I will need to do at least 28 push ups total.

I really like this idea and wish I would have thought of it.  This is a win-win idea all around.  The creator will probably make small fortune with a book deal or from self publishing books, DVD‘s, etc. – and… will get a lot of people in shape.  I have thought of a funny spin off idea, but I have too many projects on the table right now to get that one started.  But who knows… maybe it would be fun to start.

Do you need to get in shape?  Hate driving to the gym, finding a parking spot and all of the other hassles that go along with it?  Tired of paying high membership fees?  Take a look at the One Hundred Push Up Challenge and maybe you can start this as well.