Oil Pulling Update

After a couple of weeks of oil pulling in the evenings, as it is more convenient for me, I thought it was time to report back. Although many of the claims about oil pulling require you to have these health problems in order to have a benefit, I have found some lesser reported results.


For myself, I have found that oil pulling cleans up your teeth better than a dentist (or at least it feels like it). I was thinking to go and get my teeth polished, as the front ones were feeling a little rough. Although I brush often, this is something that is hard to avoid. However, after just a week of oil pulling I found that my teeth were smooth and that it also seemed to be whitening my teeth. White teeth are important to most people, but as a coffee drinker, this was a nice surprise. I then searched for this and found a report where someone had tried it and their dentist was amazed by the results … to the point that the dentists started doing it too.


Another benefit I have found is sleep. For some reason, this seems to help me sleep deeper and wake up clearer. Normally I am the type of person who drags themselves out of bed and stumble straight for the kettle and that morning coffee. However, since I started this, I have found that I could actually do without the morning coffee … nice!


The last thing I had was an annoying skin rash/spots from having changed countries. The air in South Korea is very dry, and so I ended up with a kind of pimple rash. Now, I am not sure if it is connected, but within a few days of doing this, The spots were almost gone … now gone completely.


For the oral hygiene benefits alone I will continue this alternative approach to health. I would imagine that the freshness if due to the removal of toxins, but I am no expert … so please do your own research.


Do you pull oil? What have you experienced?