Fun Things to Do in South Korea

Korea is one of those countries that have a really rich culture that you would not have a hard time planning your itinerary if you ever want to go there, because there are a lot of things and do. Generally, Korea has in itself a very colorful culture that you would definitely be interested in discovering for yourself. And you do not have to rely on what tourist guides or travel agencies tell you should be in your list of things to do in South Korea. Most likely, you would want to go to this country because you are already interested in it and know some things about it that you would like to see for yourself. If that is the case, then you should develop your own list of things to do in South Korea and make your trip something that is both memorable and very personal to you.

Tourist attractions in South Korea

Actually, what a tourist attraction means can be different from person to person. Things to do in South Korea will depend on what you really want to accomplish. For example, if you are a fan of Korean TV series, then you may want to go to the places where the scenes were shot and stuff like that.

There are actually people who go on a trip to South Korea mainly because they want to visit the places that they have seen on TV or in their computers, if they downloaded the TV series by episode online. This is commonly done even by Koreans who are fanatics. But there are also foreigners who actually include this in their agenda. So basically, what to do in South Korea will depend largely on you. You should not depend only on what the brochures say. If you know something about the country, then by all means you can pursue your personal agenda. This way, you are sure that by the time you come home from the trip, you are very much satisfied with the time and the money that you spent because you were able to accomplish what you had wanted.

One of the common places that are being shown in Korean series is the Namsan Tower, which was one of the locations in the famous Korean series 꼿보다남자or Boys over Flowers. It looks great with lighting effects that will surely be picture-taking worthy. Also, there are really those certain spots that are marked and labeled as spots wherein some scenes in Korean scenes were shot. And it is commonly done that people take pictures of themselves there. You can ask around where you can see these spots if you’d like to take a look.

Of course if you are going to South Korea Seoul, you should not miss a refreshing time in Jeju Island, one of the most famous vacation spots in Korea and is commonly used as a location in Korean movies and dramas. You can see there a white sand beach and excellent accommodations. You will be sure to forget all your stress if you spend some time there.