Writing Your Way to Financial Freedom

If you Google “how to make money writing”  you will be introduced to over 462 million websites, many of them promising that in just a few hours on the weekends, you can increase your current income by upwards of 500%. Take it from someone who has been there, has been freelancing for well over a decade and truly knows what the phrase “starving artist” means: it is very unlikely that within the first year of attempting to make money by writing online that you will be a millionaire. Buy a lottery ticket, because the odds are about the same.

Here’s the good news. You can easily learn how to make money writing online, especially if you are willing to start at the bottom and work your way up. Hundreds of thousands of people make money writing articles everyday and you can too.  Newbies should start on what some refer to as bottom feeder sites that pay for online writing. These sites such as Odesk, Fiverr and Warrior won’t make you rich, but they are great sites to get your feet wet in the world of making money online. If you are even a semi-talented writer (can structure complete sentences, write grammatically correct, are fairly competent with researching) you will actually find that you will build relationships with contractors and have more orders than you can fill.

What these sites do offer which will be more valuable when learning how to make money writing articles online is knowledge and experience. Writing for these sites with teach you about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) how to incorporate Adwords into your articles to increase traffic and show you the ropes if your dream is to become a blogger making money online from home. All of this information will be quite useful as you forge forward in your quest to make money writing.

Once you have some basics mastered, you will be ready to enter the bigger ponds and join other successful writers who make money writing articles and earn lucrative salaries. To get a head start or a jump on the competition you can always re3search on your own the following key terms:

  • Successful blogging
  • SEO how-to’s
  • Tagging
  • Increasing traffic to your website

All of these things will be covered at a later date, but starting with some basic research now with behoove you and your writing goals.