White Stork Cam in Hungary

This white stork cam comes to you from somewhere in Hungary…and that’s about all I know about it!  Well, it has live streaming video of the nest of a White Stork.  If anyone knows more about it, feel free to leave a comment.  :)

Watch the White Stork Cam in Hungary

One thought on “White Stork Cam in Hungary

  • What exactly you want to know about it? There are several of this cameras, recently also in Black Stork nest(s) as well.
    you can see where the cameras are here:http://www.golya.mme.hu/ somewhere if you scroll down, google earth.
    it is the official site of Birdlife Hungary, but this part seems to be only in Hungarian. In any case you will see location, adn some pics of their work, plus the black stork webcam too.

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