Week 4 Fantasy Football Notes

fantasy-football.jpgTonight the New Orleans Saints takes on the Tennessee Titans and Reggie Bush must make around 31 points for me to win this weeks matchup!  The odds of that happening are extremely remote, so it looks like I’m going to lose yet again!  I honestly thought I had a fairly good draft this year, but I’m starting to think the outlook is not so good.  So, I want to make a note of what it is like at this point in the year to help me out next year so I’ll have a better chance of winning.

First thing I notice is both this year and last year we have at least two teams that have made virtually zero moves so far and are dominating the league.  Obviously they lucked out and drafted well.  It appears the team to beat this year is has a lot of players that I don’t think I would have drafted right away.  He has Tony Romo… no, I wouldn’t have drafted him too soon.  He does have Steve Smith and I actually thought about drafting back to back WR‘s which I still think might not be a bad strategy as it seems very likely you can pick up some good RB‘s in the first 3 weeks or so if you watch for injuries, etc.  But, it is risky.

Interesting thing to note is our leader was the 6th position in our draft.  Maybe this is the optimal draft slot?

I wish I would have followed my gut feeling as I thought it would be a very good strategy to draft Tom Brady and Randy Moss as I had a feeling they were going to be a “dynamic duo”.  Mental note – perhaps it is good to have a stud WR matched up with a stud QB?  The top team drafted a top RB, then went for a top WR.  Another strategy I thought about which is probably a lot less risky then doing WR WR.  So he drafted RB WR RB RB QB

Defense is crucial.  Every year people are wising up to picking up defense early.  But, there’s always a suprise defense that shows up on the wire, so maybe it is a good idea not to panic.  Research is very important.  Also do plenty of mock drafts.  Check for injuries before draft night!  Definitely try to get a stud QB and a WR matchup.  Make sure if you get a stud defense that your other studs don’t suck away points from them.  Make backup’s of Yahoo stats (print them out) and print out the draft results from the previous year.

Make $10 side bets to compensate for your draft fee!  Don’t drink on draft night.  Make sure you know exactly who has been drafted during each round on draft night.  Buy a draft kit!  Yahoo’s worked pretty good, but maybe there are better ones.

Don’t trade early… if you’re going to make a trade, try to take advantage of a new player by initiating it.  Don’t panic as injuries can totally change the league.  The top team now could go down the drain with just one major injury.  Also not a bad idea to pick up a good kicker early.  Overall, I think how you do your draft can give you a huge advantage over other teams… so don’t skimp on this issue!

Sign up on a good fantasy football site.  I signed up with Grogan Sports, but personally am not that impressed.  There are a few bugs and it really isn’t that helpful.  Hopefully by next year there will be a better one out there….or maybe there already is a better one.  To be continued…