Treasure Hunt Clue Ideas: Spark your Creativity

Keeping your kids entertained can be hard. Most of the time parents wind up depending on television and the Internet or video games to keep their kids occupied for the majority of the time. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to keep you keeps happy and entertained, while getting them up active and even outside? Well, there is! The good news is that it won’t even cost you a fortune. If you plan it right, a team treasure hunt is be a great way to entertain anywhere for 2 to 20 kids.



The treasure can be something small and simple. Even small goodie bags of dollar store toys and candy or healthy snacks would work out great. The trick, of course, is coming up with fun and creative treasure hunt clue ideas that will get your kids thinking and even learning. You can make the treasure hung clues as simple or complex as you think it will take to keep your kids entertained. You can create a themed treasure hunt, a treasure hunt that tells a story, or a treasure hunt involving trivia or historical facts; it’s all up to you! You get to build this adventure for your children, watching them enjoy what you’ve created for them can be incredibly satisfying.



Sometimes getting started takes a little bit of inspiration. Coming up with a theme can be the easy part sometimes. It’s creating fun and imaginative treasure hunt clue ideas that can get tricky sometimes. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to hop on the World Wide Web and find resources like this one to help by showing you some examples of treasure hunt clue ideas to get you going in the right direction. Below, you’ll find a list that gives you the example of the clue or riddle, and then explains where the kids would find the next clue. Hopefully it can give you the inspiration you need to create an amazing children’s treasure hunt.



  • “I have sharp blades that spin, and I cut green stuff. However, you won’t find me in the kitchen.” – This clue should guide the children to the next clue hidden near the lawn mower.
  • “The more than I dry, the wetter I will get. You’ll find your next clue will be snuggled between my friends and me where we live.” – This clue will hopefully guild the kids to the towel closet, where the clue will be tucked between them.
  • “I am a two wheeled vehicle that someone of almost any age can drive. You keep me fueled up by eating healthy and getting plenty of rest.” – This clue is intended to guide the kids to their bicycle, where you should have their next clue located.



These are just three examples of the sort of kids’ treasure hunt riddles you could use or come up with. Use things in your house and yard and come up with fun riddles or clues to make them think about it before they can rush off to the next clue. If it’s a team treasure hunt, it will get the kids working together as a group to figure it out.

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