Puerto Aventuras Here We Come

It has been quite awhile since my girlfriend Kerri and I had taken a vacation, so a couple months ago we decided it was time to change that. So many choices…where to go?

We were both on a budget and have had good luck with a previous trip to Cozumel in the past and so Mexico once again looked like a likely destination. It’s cheap there, man! (if you use your head).

After researching on TravelZoo, Expedia and many other travel sites, Kerri found a good deal for $628.00 which included round trip air fare, hotel, all you can eat and drink. It even included transfers to and from the airport in Cancun. For any vacation…I highly recommend you check with TravelZoo…more often than not it is the best place on the net to find awesome travel deals.

I have to say I was a bit reluctant to go on vacation due to my current financial situation, but my mind said “what the hell…you only live once”. So I whipped out the ol’ charge card and the deal was done.

I did very little research on Puerto Aventuras before arriving and did ok, but there are so many little things that eat up your time and can cause frustration…that if you research them before you go – can make your vacation that much better. This is hopefully where our experiences will help you.

This may take awhile to archive the whole vacation, so I can only do a little at a time. So, for starters, I recommend going to this link at TripAdvisor. Do bookmark this site now as we will be adding even more info, pictures, videos, travel tips, etc.