Swiss Farm in Cha Am, Thailand

If you have not been to Thailand, then this may not be an interesting stop for you. Thailand has many many great destinations, temples and wild cultural experiences to fill almost any holiday. However, once you have been there a while, you may feel like a change of scene.

The Swiss Farm in Cha Am is one such place, which attracts both Thai tourists and expats in the country. It is actually also a very nice spot to take a break if you are heading south, as it is off the main road heading south (Phetkasem) and there is a cafe, toilets and a restaurant on site.

While on the farm, you can feed the cute sheep, horses and pose for pictures in front of the many great backdrops. The cafe is very scenic and everything is built in the old rustic farm style. Different attractions are scattered around and there is even a windmill, although I suspect not a real or active one. Still, it does make for a beautiful setting and a fun afternoon.

The Swiss Farm theme works well and has a lot of great collectables on site. For an hour or two out, or a break on your journey, this is a nice little place to stop … although, it may also mean you won’t want to eat lamb again, as the ones here are just too cute and friendly to end up on a plate!

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