Steps Pedometer iPhone App Review


Installer Apps reviews a pedometer application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unfortunately it looks like nobody has done a video review of what I think is a better pedometer called Steps, so I’ll have to do one as soon as I get more time.  Steps is brought to you by Edovia and turns your iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch into a personal pedometer.  Enter in your height and weight and it will calculate steps you have walked, distance travelled, time and average speed.

The only flaws I can see so far is that I don’t think it can run in the background while you are doing other things such as listening to music, podcasts, etc.  I’m not positive on this so I’ll test to make sure.  Steps uses the accelerometer (motion sensors) to detect movement.  It is recommended that you put your device in your pocket or wear on your waist for best results.  Currently available in English and French.  If you want to lose weight and are looking for a fun way to do so, try this pedometer application and get in shape!