Skype iPhone App

So you have your iPhone want to download the Skype iPhone application. Well, as of this writing they haven’t released a standalone Skype app for the iPhone. BUT…. there is a way to use Skype on your iPhone and even your iPod Touch.

Take a look at IM+ for Skype. This is a web based application, but still does the job fine. You can chat with friends, family and colleagues and believe it or not can make outgoing phone calls to real land lines/cell phones via WiFi, Edge network or 3G. If you want to save your daytime minutes because you’re on the cheapo AT&T plan just find a wifi hotspot, connect to Skype and make calls for next to nothing.

Personally, I have an unlimited Skype out account which cost around $30 a year when I last paid for it. When you login to IM+ for Skype it will initially go into trial mode which lasts about 7 to 10 days. After that, you can subscribe for $5.95 a month or buy a lifetime license for $29.95. I recommend the latter. I just note that the $30 I paid was for the unlimited calling on my desktop iMac. So, I’m not sure if you have to pay twice or not. I’m guessing you only have to pay for the IM+ for Skype account, but may need to clarify this.

I wonder if they will bother making an application if this continues to work as well as it does. I suspect they will and charge $29.95 for the application. Stay tuned and I’ll make and update on this when and if the app is released.