Performance Writing versus Up Front Writing

Performance Writing versus Up Front Writing

Whether you’re searching for a way to make a few extra dollars for the holiday season, looking to supplement your income out of necessity or wanting to catapult your journalism career, finding the best forums to earn a living writing online is possible, albeit time consuming.

Online writing is always compartmentalized into two categories: performance writing or upfront payment writing. Both are lucrative and will help you to make money writing online if they are done correctly. The difference between them is performance writing gigs do not pay a guaranteed rate per hour or per piece. Basically the writer is hired to write a piece (usually a topic of their choice) and once the piece is published the writer earns money based on the popularity of the article, how many hits it receives or how it ranks in search engines. The pros of writing on a performance based forum or site is that you can essentially earn a lot more money per piece, and you may continue to earn money the longer it stays online and the more views it gets. Some forums will allow the writer to place ads or link their articles to what is known as “Adsense” and this is an additional way to earn income. The biggest downside to performance writing is that if your article doesn’t fare well in search engines, you can make very little or nothing at all.

Upfront payment forums are great because they are a safe bet. When you are hired, you and the forum or contractor agree on a set price, they pay you and then you deliver the article. If you are depending on the money you are earning from writing and need to ensure you earn X amount of dollars per week or month, the upfront method may be the way to go. The cons of upfront payment writing include: not always securing a reasonable rate for longer articles and the amount you agree on is what you are stuck with. You have no way to earn additional money on those writings, and this can be frustrating if you know it is a well performing article or site, but the site hoster is the only one reaping the benefits.

Most writers who want to make money writing online choose to write on both types of platforms and may eventually commit to the one that has served their purpose more and earned them the most money. As a writer, you should further research and try a few of each and see which one best suits your needs and goals.

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