Nomad Travels – Something You Will NOT Forget

A buddy of mine just got back from a holiday that I very much doubt he will forget. In fact, I doubt I will forget his telling of the adventure and I wasn’t even on the journey with him. He has just return from Mongolia, where he lived with Nomads for 10 days. This doesn’t sound like a long time, but during this time you actually live as one of their community. It is a culture shock, but one that creates some incredible stories.



The trip was booked via a company called Ger to Ger. The company supports local communities and is helping the people to continue to live in the free fashion to which they are accustomed. The price is very affordable, but what is better is that a lot of the money actually goes to helping the people there. There are many tour options, you just choose which experience you would like to take. You will need to sign a waiver though, as these villages do not function in the same way as modern civilization. That said, they will look after you and take care of you in their own style.



The trip can involve many things, but it is the day to day life that actually makes it special. Riding horses freely, playing traditional games with the families, and in the case of my friend, Nomad wrestling! You should also be open to trying new foods, as their styles are different and their alcohol is actually home made. However, with the right attitude, this can truly break you free from the monotony of your 9-5 job! For more information, you can read about it here:

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