Morgan Webb's New Show: WebbAlert

Looks like TechTV’s Morgan Webb has started a new show viewable on the web called WebbAlert starring Morgan Webb of course! I think by now everyone from Tech TV is back on the web with some sort of podcast or videocast by now…making TechTV obsolete. I actually think it is much more interesting for all of the peeps from TechTV doing their own independent thing…without all of the corporate gobbledygook (and a million Dell commercials).

WebbAlert will likely be a daily M-F show (unless she’s too busy), similar to Rocketboom complete with story links below each episode. My only suggestion right now is I think they should set up a link page for people that donate to WebbAlert.

Don’t just take their donations… give them an incentive to donate! Otherwise, I give the show two thumbs up!

Watch the latest episode: