Making Money Writing for Authority Sites

Making Money Writing for Authority Sites

Authority sites aren’t necessarily a new concept but savvy writers are catching on to the benefits that come with writing for this niche and they are innumerable. First however you need to know what an authority site is.

Essentially an authority site is a specified site that tailors to one niche or topic. Because the site owners and writers have a focused genre, the site gets more traffic because people visiting them don’t have to maneuver through a lot of junk to get to the goods they are after, which is information. Authority sites are the ‘experts’ in whatever topic they are covering and therefore they generate more traffic because with authority inevitably comes trust. With trust comes loyalty and that means an entire population will hopefully be glued and tuned in to what you have to say.

An additional benefit is that Google has become very privy to SEO tricks, many of which are misleading and scams and thus, they are cracking down on many SEO tailored articles. But, Google does recognize and respect authority sites because the entire premise of articles is so that people have a place to go to receive in-depth, truthful information without being flooded by disassociated ads and gimmicks.

In fact, Google will rank authority sites higher because of their proven success of delivering valuable information on a given topic. Writers who contribute to authority sites also tend to be virtual ‘experts’ on that topic and therefore take more pride in what they write.

You…Only Better

If you’re freelancing full time or as a supplemental income, then writing for an authority site as a way to make money on the Internet, you are more likely to be excited about the topics which will invariably produce better, more informative writing. It is also a place where you can shine, give your opinion and gain faithful followers who will then follow you anywhere. Building a generated list of loyal fans is pivotal in making money online and can increase exposure to your individual portfolio.

The bottom line with making money writing is to increase your worth, value and income and authority sites are a way to do this. Once you have established yourself as the go-to person on a given topic, and build a base of faithful readers, you can then ask for more money for your writing. The conversion rate on authority sites is significantly higher than on SEO based sites.


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