How Korean Pop Music Charts Are Changing World Trends

I would not be surprised if you yourself are starting to greet people with a cheerful 안녕하세요 (read as annyonghaseyo), which is hello, or hi, in Korean. With the worldwide growth of Korean culture, Kpop and even Korean movies and television dramas are becoming quiet common, to the point that there are many people who are very much aware of what is now happening in the Korean entertainment arena. If you ask the young people these days, you can expect them to say that they have Korean song groups that they follow and listen to. Lots of young people are even now following how they dress and how they do their make-up. Korean pop music charts are very commonly viewed nowadays as K-pop music is growing in popularity all over the world.

In general the most popular Korean pop band today is Big Bang, composed of a group of five Korean males who are noted for their ability to sing at the same as dancing. They have been known for their wacky hairstyles—Sandara Park of 2ne1 is also very popular for her crazy hairdos—and their uniquely Korean style in dressing up. If you would see them perform, you would notice that they are very different from other boy groups in European countries and other Asian countries. They are known for their thick eyeliners and groomed eyebrows. The Girls’ Generation is also very popular among the young people today. This girl group is made up of nine girls who sing and dance. Unlike the girl group 2ne1, which is very much known for the group’s strong approach to Korean pop songs, this group is mellower and is more known for being a sweeter and milder version of Kpop music. They are among the highest ranking in Korean pop music charts lately. Somehow, the girls have become a sort of standard not really in the area of singing and performing, but in how girls should appear. They have presented themselves in such a way that young women are wanting to look more like them.

However, in spite of this, a lot of people are also aware that there are many Korean celebrities who have undergone the knife and had a number of their features changed. This is already common these days in Asia, with the number of Korean celebrities who have gone through plastic surgery being a high percentage. Actually, even the ordinary Korean citizens are not afraid of going under the knife anymore and are more willing to have their faces and other body parts changed so that they would look better. After all, appearance in South Korea and most of Asia is very important. This may seem extreme, but the opposite to me seems like a worse scenario! lol

Surgery has however, not caused any detectable negative effects on the Korean pop music charts, because they are still ranking well and a lot of people are still idolizing them worldwide, accepting that it is an individual choice. As a matter of fact, in Korea, these people who belong to groups and are performing to sing and dance are called idols. They are being referred to as people that young people should look up to, people who care about their image and work hard towards success.