Helpful Tips on Organizing a Teasure Hunt Party

Parties are so much fun, but they are more so when you add a special twist and make it into something like a treasure hunt party. Instead of having a party with no particular agenda except gather in one place and eat some delicious food (OK, that doesn’t sound so bad, but it can be better). So, why not have a treasure hunt party that will not only add a special purpose to the gathering, but also make the event a more enjoyable and fun one? If you are one of those people who do not want to have just any ordinary party, then here are some tips that you might want to know in order to be successful in organizing treasure hunt parties.

Know your crowd:

It is very important that when you organize an event, no matter how simple it is, you know the people who are going to be there. Knowing in this case means knowing how old they are, what will most likely interest them, and other things like that. You can organize a treasure hunt party for adults or teenagers, or you can organize one for some kids, which will mean you need kids treasure hunt ideas. The kind of people who are going to be there will determine the way that you are going to prepare for the event.

This way, you can be relevant to them and the party you will organize is going to be one that they are sure to like and enjoy because they understand it and they relate to it. Making it too complicated can bore kids, while too easy will have the adults abandoning ship quickly. The of course, there is the hunt theme. Power-rangers, pirates, or Doraemon would be great fun with younger kids, but could equally insult fussy teenagers!

Prepare the small details carefully:

A treasure hunt party involves a careful preparation of the things that need to be found, the clues for treasure hunt, and more. You have to make a list of the treasures that you hid and treasure hunt clues pointing to where you hid them, so that you will be on top of things and everything will be in order … well, maybe not in order, but at least it will run well and be FUN. The presentation of the treasures that will be searched out matters as well. If you are organizing a treasure hunt party for kids, you might want to consider creating them in such a way that they have vibrant colors and they are attractive to children. The design does not have to be elaborate though, at least for younger children, as the colors matter far more to them most of the time. The other thing to consider is combining some challenges with your treasure hunt, something I will cover in a future post.

Have someone help you in the planning:

If you want a party that will require the participants to really exert some effort and be very active in searching for the treasures, then for sure you can’t do all the planning and organizing on your own. You need some hands to take care of the details that need to be ironed out and to help manage the crowd, especially if it is an outdoors hunt for younger children. Coming up with treasure hunt clues for kids can be quite time-consuming, and you will need to have the creativity to come up with good ones, or download ready-made treasure hunt clues to be safe. For sure, if you try to do all of this work on your own, you will miss out on some details, overlook a few things, or spend days/weeks organizing it. If you want a party that will run smoothly, then don’t do it yourself, get a few pals involved and make the planning a part of the fun!

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  • You should have the trausere hunt be leading to either the cake or treat for the party or the party bags. Split kids into groups and if your son dosn’t want to be competetive, have everyone look. Have each trausere be a puzzle piece that when all are found and put together, is a map that leads to the trausere. Let kids go under things, in closets, or in low or high parts of a tree. Was this answer helpful?

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