Get a Lot of Ideas

Often, the best thing to do is to simply get a lot of ideas.  Eventually, you will find a really good idea this way.  One of the best ways to get good ideas is to get a lot of ideas.  Don’t censor yourself on this one.  Write anything and everything that comes to mind.  You can sift through your ideas later, weed out the bad ideas and pick out the good ones.

You may find that it is a good idea to make yourself get in the habit of coming up with a certain number of book ideas per day or per week.  Once you get in this habit it trains your mind to stay constantly tuned in to book possibilities that you otherwise might have missed out on.

Start this habit now.  Start today.  Set a small goal at first, and then increase it later if you like.  Soon your idea notebook will be full of ideas.  Some ideas may spawn other ideas.  Some will be bad, some will be good.  Again, you only need one good idea to make a fortune.  Start small.  Starting today, for the next thirty days, try coming up with one book idea per day.